Experience Points or EXP or XP are points that you earn after successfully completing a battle. In almost all RPG's, characters are further enhanced by experience points. Experience points are mainly used to level up the character(s) in the game. They are right now a feature in Luis & Enrique: The Curse of Evolved L & E.

Appearances Edit

Luis & Enrique: The Curse of Evolved L & E Edit

Experience points make their debut in this game. You can gain them by defeating enemies and bosses. By defeating them, everyone in your party gains the same amount of EXP, which may also get them a Level Up if they earn enough. However, if one of the members of your party passes out, and you complete the battle, that member does not earn any experience points. The maximum amount of experience points the player can get is 2,199,999. The EXP needed for level 100 is 2,109,990.


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