Here is the list of the unused content of Luis & Enrique: The Curse of Evolved L & E.

Early Ideas Edit

  • The game originally had two save files, but then increased it to three for unknown reasons.
  • There were originally going to be weapons, but it was cut off for unknown reasons.
  • There were originally 11 locations, but was changed to 14 for more gameplay. Also some of the locations had different titles.
  • The bosses had different names, but they all have different names to make the game look more new. They also had less health points and there were less bosses than the final game.
  • The original game had a different title: Luis and Enrique(video game).
  • The original game also had different helpers and a Mario element, but the developers changed it because they couldn't afford them and they decided to make different helpers.
  • The special attacks were also different too.
  • The menu was also designed differently.

Unused Content Edit

  • The game originally had puzzle pieces to unlock an attack, but the idea was abandoned.

Beta Content Edit

  • The KICK and PUNCH were included as a stat, but Treasure Games Inc. decided to put it as a regular attack and instead put in HP, SAP, POW, DEF, and SPE.
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