Passive Caves is the sixth world of Luis & Enrique: 8-Bit Adventure.

Confirmed Levels Edit

  • 6-1: A rocky and underground level with sections that include flying enemies, melee enemies, and mazes.
  • 6-2: An underground level with small platforms and melee enemies. Said to be one of the hardest levels in the game.
  • 6-3: A factory themed level with many traps, conveyors, and tricks.
  • 6-4: A rocky level with fire that can burn you if you don't time your jumps well.
  • 6-5: A water level with many squids that can ink you if you don't move fast.
  • 6-6: A water level with many water currents that can blow you away if you're not quick enough.
  • 6-7: A rocky level with numbered rocks in which if you step on the ones that say "1", you can fall to your death.
  • 6-8: An auto-scroll level going upwards in which it consists of many side-way platforms you must jump on in time to advance.
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